Internationalisation as driving force and opportunity for successful companies is the main mover for future viability.

Companies cannot survive for long in a global networked world if they reduce their activities just for the national market. Internationalisation gains a lot of importance with the globalisation and allows successful national companies to place their products on selected markets. Qualified partnerships can achieve opportunities, which are hard to achieve alone or requires a lot of resources.

UMID has the target to distribute outstanding products/services of European companies to South America and to place them together with its partners on the market. UMID is investing in the following years in products/services of national companies and will accomplish its strategy (win/win/win) successfully because of:

  • investment of knowledge, human capital, money, time, networks
  • as well as an especially customized international marketing management (UMID integrates international competence, experience, passion and an outstanding network in many markets worldwide)