In the health sector, UMID is supporting people at their work, sport and leisure. Biontech is an insole, developed to decrease joint pain, to improve balance and to reduce muscle fatigue, which was tested scientifically and approved by the Association of Chiropodists of La Rioja (Spain). Because of the optimal adaptation to the anatomical shape of the feet, the patented insole Biontech offers a lot of unique benefits:

  • Adaption to the ergonomics of the feet
  • Reduces the vibration at the hip (5.3%)
  • Reduces the vibration at the knee (17.2%)
  • Reduces the vibration at the ankle (12.6%)
  • Better balance
  • Less muscular fatigue
  • Maximum breathability
  • 100% Total Dry
  • Antibacterial and antistatic

Biontech has a medical certificate for biomechanical excellence from Umana Ingeniería Biomecánica and can be used perfectly for work, leisure and sport. The goal to reach an increase of the surface between the foot and the insole got absolutely achieved and because of this the weight can be shared from both feet perfectly balanced.

Biontech permanently adapts to the exact shape of each foot in 3 simple steps:

  1. Select your footwear.
  2. Insert the insole into a microwave or into a oven (right side up and parallel)
    1. Microwave at 500W for 40 seconds
    2. Pre-heated oven (140°C) for 90 seconds
  3. Place them in the shoes/boots and put them on. It will take about two minutes to print the shape of your foot on the insole. It is recommend you keep your shoes on for at least 1 hour since the insole cools slowly and your footprint will be transferred to the insole.

Biontech is recommended from most orthopedist.


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