Prevention or rather risk reduction is a very important topic for the society and environment. UMID persuades exactly this aim with eXess and supports countries with the optimal risk reduction in areas where explosive liquids can be formed. eXess-products are used worldwide in private as well as in industrial areas and are a simple but brilliant solution to suppress explosions.

The Austrian company FUXS GmbH, with headquarter and production centre in Graz/Austria, has 28 patents and a lot of advancement awards on their products. eXess is offered in form of rolls, cylinders and matts (dependent on the challenges and the solutions needed) and can be put in containers, canisters, tanks, and other deposits, where explosive mixtures can be build. eXess-prevents the frightful effects of explosions and protects humans and environment.

eXess-products are used amongst others in the following areas:

  • to eliminate the risk of explosions at storing, transport and distribution of fuel
  • for safety of chemical and petrochemical facilities
  • to safe persons, goods and environment
  • to absorb and reduce pressure

eXess-products serve to safe:

  • floating roof tanks
  • petrol stations
  • tankers, airplanes, boats
  • petrochemical facilities
  • military equipment
  • vehicles
  • barrels
  • canisters
  • and a lot of other individual applications

The basic of eXess lies on a simple, physical mechanism of action.The eXess fine-meshed aluminum alloy grid provides a very large surface and an outstanding thermal conductivity that spread and dissipates the heat. When, after ignition of the gas phase, the temperature starts to suddenly rise, it will be instantly spread and dissipated by eXess. The pressure rises slowly with a time lag and there is NO EXPLOSION.


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