In the sector of agriculture UMID supports the sustainable production of crops and focuses on organic farming. With 8000 MK as a product for international distribution UMID will reach this goal easily.

8000 MK is a mixture of finely grounded minerals with a high amount of natural carbonate and without any chemical or biological additions (this means 100% natural). The product gets suspended in water with an optimal mix ratio and sprayed as a fine milky looking mist on the plants (more specifically on the surfaces of the leaves). Due to the nature of 8000 MK, the plant can absorb the needed amount of the product via its stomata and CO2 will be released in the inside of the leaves. With this manuring of CO2 we can reach the best support for the plant (CO2 and water, together with light, converts to carbohydrate and oxygen → a new technology to boost the photosynthesis). Excellent results can be achieved with an ideal manuring of CO2 such as:

  • raising the crop
  • higher quality of the crop
  • higher resistance of stress
  • less need of water
  • healthier and more vital plants
  • stronger and more roots
  • optimising the pH-value of the plant and therefore a better admission of nitrogen
  • and also a raised photosynthesis activity which leads to a more intense chlorophyll

As you can see, 8000 MK is not a fertilizer in a common way (such as organic or NPK-fertilizer) it is a new technology of fertilizing (the often mentioned CO2 fertilization) and can be applied with all common fertilizers as well as with plant protection products available on the market. Thereby 8000 MK is not replacing the usual fertilization, but additionally added in a perfectly balanced application calendar for an optimal raise of crop.

Over the years, 8000 MK has been launched in several countries and could prove, at uncountable applications, its effect (documented on the web pages of our partners). In addition to that, there are a lot of field studies proving the remarkable effect of our product which we can present at request.

The exclusive distribution of 8000 MK by UMID in Colombia shall be raised after a few selected field studies (coffee, banana and palm oil) to a lot of other important cultures of Colombia (among other maize, flowers and sugar cane).


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