With EMC-Management UMID declares to planning, realising and monitoring electromagnetic compatibilities and deals in especial with the influence of electromagnetic fields on the environment and living organisms (especially humans). ‘Planning’ refers to problem and task definition, targeting, planning alternatives and decision making. ‘Realising’ contains the organisation, information, communication, motivation of all participants and their cooperation. ‘Monitoring’ consists of feedback, target-performance comparison for continuing planning and regulation.

The term “electric smog” is often used colloquial language in a depreciative way. The term was launched in the 1970s in a scientific form and stands for the collectivity of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields which are supposed to have biological effects. A lot of national and especially international studies proofed the effect of “electro smog” on human beings and can explain the underlying principles (for further readings please use the scientific literature).

Of what does electro smog consists? In the broadest sense, “electro smog” contains alternating electric fields (caused amongst others by alternating voltage in cables, wirings, beds, etc.) plus magnetic fields (caused amongst others by alternating current in wirings, high-voltage lines, wrong installed electrical connections, etc.) plus electromagnetic radiation (wireless industry) (caused amongst others by radio transmitters like radio, TV, mobile communication, cordless phones, radar, military, baby monitor, etc.) and magnetic constant fields (geomagnetic field distortions) (caused amongst others by steel parts in beds, mattresses, furniture or other components and also by electric trams nearby). Also constant electric fields (electrostatic) can be part of it.

By reason of historical and technological development nearly everybody remains permanently in living or working spaces highly contaminated by electro smog. A great influence in this connection is the time remaining at such places. There will not be a significant influence if the remaining time is short (weeks). But if it comes to years of exposition or if the concerned person has a weak health (high vulnerability) electro smog becomes a huge influence. Particularly working or sleeping places (also places to rest) are very important and should be investigated with an EMC-Management if there is any suspicion or for prevention.

UMID measures professionally electromagnetic fields with a high-quality equipment and official established measurement methods. After collecting all necessary measurement parameters, a solution will be elaborated and realised with a restricting plan. A change for the better (about 90%) can be reakised quickly and economically by transmitting knowledge and proper handling. Also the use of suppressing products, shields or a suppression supervised by an electrician (e.g. demand switch) can be discussed and should be accompanied by target/actual comparison.


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