To achieve a sustainable support at its best for humans and nature, UMID has chosen another product for the international marketing. With the HAGE 3D-Printer for industrial use the start to a new dimension can be expected. This 3D-Printer is developed and produced in Obdach/Austria and distributed worldwide (the HAGE 3D-Printer is the only 3D-Printer offered in Europe with this dimensions)

The stable HAGE 3D printer for high-speed FDM rapid prototyping processes (fused deposition) promises faithful reproduction of details and maximum precision. An encapsulated build chamber, a special thermo-panel for parts up to 600 x 400mm cross-sectional area, fair value for money, and more than thirty years’ experience in mechanical engineering make the HAGE 3Dp-A2 what it is: a high-precision piece of equipment made in Austria.

HAGE-Printer produces individual pieces for clients from different industries and impresses with an uncountable amount of capabilities and highly precision. The products done by the 3D-Printer last from samples of prototypes and objects for presentation to functional pieces. The following samples shall give an insight:

  • Pieces of airplanes (the boing 787 is already using 32 printed objects)
  • HAGE-3D-go-kart (mainly produced with the 3D-printer: steering wheel, cable holder, electronic parts, etc.)
  • Cranial implants
  • Functional devices in the automotive industry
  • Parts for medical engineering
  • Dental laboratory technology (dental prosthesis)
  • Prosthesis of ears

The HAGE 3D-Printer uses different raw materials (PLA, ABS, HIPS, Nylon, Laybrick, Laywood), heats them up and applies them, depending on the computer data, layer by layer. This innovative printer is already supporting successfully the following target groups automotive industry, aircraft, architecture, colleges, medical area and contract manufactures.

In addition the HAGE 3D-Printer comforts with its user friendliness and gets installed, justified and launched at your place (optional). A print consulting and a highly qualified service at your place (optional) completes up the product.

UMID wants to contribute with the HAGE 3d-Printer to settle the foundation of the next industrial revolution (decentralisation of products) and makes the innovations also available in selected countries.


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